Quotation marks around Lincoln, TX because, as a town, there ain't much there. The Elm Creek Cafe is located on Highway 21 a little ways north from 290 in what could easily be confused as the middle of nowhere. That doesn't stop them from serving up some absolutely delectable grub. The fried green tomatoes were very good as was the patty melt and onion rings.

But the piece-de-resistance was their "grilled chicken fried steak." What? Yeah, I had to get the waitress to clarify what that was for me, but after crossing some communication barriers I finally figured out that it is just a traditional skillet fried steak as opposed to deep fried. It was awesome. Very thin, very tenderized, steak, lightly dipped in some very flavorful batter and fried up to perfection. Good gravy, too. It was one of the best chicken fried steaks I have ever had. I recommend everyone take the drive out there and check it out.