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Thread: 2015 Week 1 NFL lines per LV Westgate (Hilton)

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    2015 Week 1 NFL lines per LV Westgate (Hilton)

    Texans -1.5 vs KC
    Pats -6 vs Pitt
    GB -4 @ Chi
    Jets -1 vs Cle
    Colts -3 @ Buff
    mia -2.5 @ Skins
    Panthers -4 @ Jax
    Sea -3.5 @ STL
    Cards -2.5 vs Saints
    SD -2 vs Det
    TB -3 vs Tenn
    Cin -3 @ Oak
    Den -4 vs Balt
    Dalas -5.5 vs NYG
    Philly -1.5 @ ATL
    SF -3.5 vs Minny

    Some very very tight numbers.

    Texans is a gift but im a homer.. Non homer lean. GB -4

    Pats -6 looks good also.Defending SB champ has covered every year in its opener i believe with exception of NYG few years back.

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    I'm not sure San Francisco should be laying more than 3 points to anyone.

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    Pitt +6 @ Pats, SB hangover, plus Pats started off awfully slow last year... I can see the same lull in 2015

    GB-4 @ Chi, Chicago was a dumpster fire for most of last year, Cutler was awful and never figured it out, I see the same in 2015

    Browns +1 @ Jets. When Hoyer was healthy in 2013, the Browns were legit. He couldn't rebound from the ACL surgery in 2014, and they could never come over their dreadful QB situation. I actually like McCown, they have a stable of good RBs and a really solid D. Defense wins games early, especially against Jet QBs

    Colts -3 @ Bills, I liked the Bills last year, and they proved a lot of experts wrong last year when they were competitive. I think they got worse in the offseason though by losing Kiko and picking up another good RB which they really didn't need. Colts got better by adding more veterans, plus Luck is one of my favorite players in the league. I think this is the year they finally figure it out and make a big push into the playoffs

    Miami -2.5 @ Skins. I'm fading the redskins forever

    Panthers - 4 @ Jax. Panthers made a late push in the worst division in football to make it to the playoffs. They were also competitive vs the Seahawks in the first half, they're a much better team than their record was last year, and the Jags are the Jags until proven otherwise

    St Louis +3.5 vs Seahawks. I pretty much fade the big attention teams all the time, public is always all over them, and Vegas always wins. SB hangover and the Foles addition is enough for me to ride points and take the Rams.

    Cards -2.5 vs Saints. Probably the most lopsided line in my eyes, a healthy Palmer to start the season, a rocking home crowd, and an opponent that was the most uninspired team in the league to end 2014 with a chance to make the playoffs. Saints dumped Jimmy, reportedly were shopping Brees.. seems like a franchise wanting to rebuild more than anything else.

    Denver -4 @ Balt. Denver comes out firing on all cylinders every year. This line screams memories of playoff Manning instead of good Manning. Broncos will be healthy at QB, RB, LB, and DB, which is something they weren't hardly at all last year. Baltimore will be Baltimore

    Giants +5.5 @ Dallas. Don't have a good read on this game, but I know there will be a ton of interest. This has nothing to do with losing Demarco, or Cowboys making any bad offseason moves, it's just the emergence of ODB. He was the best wr in football last year, and he'll do enough to keep the game close. Cowboys win, Giants cover.

    Philly -1.5 @ Atl. Philly had such a bad offseason, it's hard to put it into words. But when they're healthy, and motivated early, they'll be able to beat teams as bad as the Falcons. Interesting to see how Bradford does with Chip, so I'll be sure to catch the first few games before Bradford tears his ACL again

    Min +3.5 @ SF. Two teams trending opposite directions. SF has gone from a strict, hardass coach, the a DL coach as a HC. A lot of growing pains to experience here, I'll fade SF until the prove otherwise

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